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Don't hold your breath for an Apple TV Remote app update

Don't hold your breath for an Apple TV Remote app update

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November 6, 2015

The new Apple TV launched at the end of October. You may be wondering why Apple hasn’t updated its iOS Remote app, allowing it to work with the current generation product. According to Jason Snell, when he spoke to the folks in Cupertino last September, they made it very clear that an app update wasn’t coming.

At Apple’s big media event back in September, I asked an Apple employee at one of the Apple TV demo stands if there would be an update to the iOS Remote app to support the new Apple TV. I expected him to either hedge, because he didn’t know, or give me a fun tidbit about how since the iPhone has all the same sensors that are in the new remote, the new Remote app can emulate it, plus do fun stuff like provide a keyboard so you can type in all your passwords and stuff.

Instead, this is what he said: “No.”

As Snell pointed out on Twitter, the person may not have been authorized to say that, and could’ve been wrong. Then again, Apple hasn’t said one is coming either.

The frustration for many lies in the setup process of the new Apple TV which requires a whole lot of text entry, something that isn’t so great with on-screen keyboards. Being able to quickly type your password for programs like Netflix or Hulu is a much better experience than having to scroll back and forth with your remote to tap each letter for entry.

My fingers are still crossed hoping that Apple updates the app, but given what Snell reported, I’m not so optimistic.

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