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Don’t rock alone, start a band or join one with Encore Music

Don’t rock alone, start a band or join one with Encore Music

November 18, 2015

If you’ve got the music in you, whether you are a professional singer, beginning instrument player, or a teacher who helps others, then the new app Encore Music is one you should check out. This app connects musicians with musicians, offering ways to communicate, share skills through video, and find others nearby.

Encore MusicEncore Music overview

Watch and listen to videos created by other musicians and then like, comment, or connect with them. You can create your own videos too, right within the app, to share your own talent. If you are interested in starting a band, joining someone else’s, or finding another member for your own group, the app makes it simple. You can easily see musicians nearby, check out their profiles, and see their skill level.

Encore MusicAdditional features

Encore Music has filters to help you find someone who has a particular talent. From songbirds to guitar strummers to those who can rock a harmonica, the app lets you narrow down what you are looking for quickly. Send messages to those you want to connect with to set up a jam session or just share your passion for music.

Encore MusicGreat way to connect

An app created specifically for musicians to connect with each other is a terrific idea. I think it would be really useful for someone just starting out to get noticed or network with nearby musicians. And, since the app itself is super easy to use, if you are a musician yourself, there is no reason not to give it a try.

Encore Music is available for free on the iPhone and you can download it from the App Store with no in-app purchase worries.

In other news this week, take a look at Rdio is history as Pandora plans to purchase parts of the streaming service or Just Press Record adds 3D Touch support into the voice memo mix.

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