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For the ultimate dance groove, try the Pocket Party Speaker

For the ultimate dance groove, try the Pocket Party Speaker

November 11, 2015

When it’s party time, you want great tunes as well as awesome lighting. What if you could have both in a Bluetooth speaker small enough to fit in your pocket? That’s what the folks behind the Pocket Party Speaker have in mind, and the device is ready to enter full production.


It’s got the acoustics

The Pocket Party Speaker features a two-inch driver with 4.5 watts of power, with an expandable base that increases the sound chamber threefold. This allows the speaker to better reproduce frequencies between 120 Hz and 300 Hz for a full bass sound. If you want even deeper bass response, the speaker’s vibration mode can turn a cooler, cardboard box, glass window, or any hollow object into a subwoofer to provide sounds as low as 50 Hz. The speaker even includes a suction cup on the bottom for keeping it attached where you want it.


A light show in your speaker

There’s a built-in smart light show that synchronizes with the music, using four sets of LED lights to make many dynamic patterns. You can choose between equalizer, fountain, striking, fireworks, and others. See the light show in action in the video below, or click here if it fails to load.

Getting the party started

The Pocket Party Speaker is entering production, and is expected to begin delivery in December 2015. You can get yours by supporting the production run on the product’s Indiegogo page. Look for a review of the Pocket Party Speaker in the coming weeks.

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