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Get endless, cosmic, arcade action in a Starific new game

Get endless, cosmic, arcade action in a Starific new game

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November 3, 2015

A chaotic, cosmic, chain reaction arcade adventure has landed on the App Store today, Nov. 3. Starific will challenge you to score big, complete quests, and dominate the leaderboard with your interstellar skills.

StarificStarific gameplay

In this action-packed, arcade game, your paddle is the outer ring of the octagon. Just slide your finger to move the paddle while keeping your flying star inside. Hitting the blocks and power-ups inside the octagon will make your star change direction quickly, so pay attention in order to get your paddle positioned before the star flies out. Check out this trailer for Startific and just click here if you cannot view it:

Game extras

There are tons of unlockable items in Starific with over 80 in total. You will start in Arcade game mode, but can unlock Moves, Time, and Sandbox modes as you play. There are also four grid sizes and various color themes, so, score high, earn game cash, and then spin the wheel to see if you win one of these great prizes. You can also complete the many quests and be rewarded with these types of game goodies.

StarificNever the same game twice

Starific is completely different each time you play it and you never know where that shining star will head next, so you really need to focus. You will experience a split paddle, double stars, and point multipliers among many other game features making Starific packed with fast-paced, high-energy, cosmic action.

Starific is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free on the App Store with no ads or in-app purchases, so check it out.

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