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Keep track of the shopping days until Christmas with E-Minus

Keep track of the shopping days until Christmas with E-Minus

November 24, 2015

Important dates are sometimes hard to keep track of, and plenty of folks want an easy way to have a countdown to these events or holidays. If you can have that countdown with some cool effects and the ability to customize how it looks, even better. E-minus, an app that’s recently been reinvented with more dazzling effects and beautiful fonts, might just fit the bill for those wants and needs.

Set your special day

Right now, the app installs configured to count down until Dec. 25, Christmas. The various options are preset to allow you to have a snow-filled countdown on your Notification Center, when you enable the widget. If you want to change it up, though, the app’s designed to include easy-to-understand options for setting the date of your special event, its title, special effects, font, and more. You can even set how much screen real estate the widget will take on your Notification Center, from 60 to 620 pixels.


Wonderful presentation

Once you have your special day programmed in, you just enable the E-Minus widget in your Notification Center. To do this, swipe down from the top of your screen to display your Notification Center, tap on Today, and then scroll down until you see the Edit button. Once you’ve got the E-Minus widget displayed, you can fill your screen with snow or whatever effects you want in preparation for your big day.


Getting E-Minus

E-Minus is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 9 or later to run. E-Minus is free on the App Store, without in-app purchases, but it does use advertisements that pop up from time to time when you are changing options.

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