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Learn six-string from a lifelike animation in Final Guitar

Learn six-string from a lifelike animation in Final Guitar

November 30, 2015

There are a bunch of ways to learn to play the guitar, other than taking lessons. These methods use everything from pictures to full videos. The limitation of those multimedia presentations, though, is that they’re typically two-dimensional. Final Guitar and the paid Final Guitar Pro take a completely different approach, using a 3-D animated character to demonstrate arm, hand, and finger movements just like you have a real guitarist playing in front of you.


Compose your own chord progressions

When you use Final Guitar, you are given the opportunity to write your own music. If you have guitar tabs for a song, you can just drop the chords into a timeline, but the real fun comes in composing your own tracks. You can learn hundreds of chords this way, observing their real-time transitions in a 3-D environment not possible with videos or images.


Easy to use camera controls

Final Guitar features multiple camera modes, and you can use multi-touch gestures to zoom in on the hands to get a better view. You can also rotate the guitarist, allowing you to see his hands from multiple perspectives and angles. The app makes it easy to learn proper finger placement for chords, giving you the closest thing to a real guitarist that you can get out of an iOS app.


More app facts and features

When you delve into Final Guitar, you find an app that has been developed with the help of some of the world’s most experienced academic guitar teachers and concert guitarists. The app allows you to easily switch between right- and left-handed play, so you can learn the instrument the way you actually to play it. Drums and bass guitar accompaniments can be included in the playback, so you hear your composition the way it might sound with a live band.

Time to learn guitar

Final Guitar is a free download on the App Store, with in-app purchases to buy additional chord and rhythm packs, distortion, and backing instruments. Final Guitar Pro, which includes all of in-app purchases of the free version, is $19.99 on the App Store. There are no ads in either program, and the apps require iOS 7 or later. Both pieces of software are designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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