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Make your Apple Watch pop with Live Photos from Watch Faces

Make your Apple Watch pop with Live Photos from Watch Faces

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November 3, 2015

When we first looked at the Watch Faces app a few weeks ago, we were excited to see how well the app worked. Being able to create custom wallpapers for your Apple Watch faces so easily is wonderful. Well, with a stellar update to the app yesterday, Nov. 2, you can now use Live Photos with Watch Faces. So, you can really make your Watch stand out even more than before.

Watch FacesPicking photos

Just like creating the custom wallpapers, open the Watch Faces app on your iPhone. You should now see a Live icon down in the corner and selecting it opens all available moving wallpaper options. Choose the one you like and then hit the Download button. The Live Photo will be saved to your Watch Faces album within your photos app.

Watch FacesCreating faces

Now that you have saved the Live Photo, just open the photos app on your Watch and make sure you have the default album set as Watch Faces. When you see your Live Photo, be sure that it has the Live icon down in the right-hand corner and then use the Force Touch feature to set it as your watch face.

Watch FacesSeeing it in action

Every time you raise your wrist to activate the screen, your Watch face will come alive. The movement of the photo is brief, but cool nonetheless. Plus, if you want to hold your finger on your Watch screen, that will prompt movement of the Live Photo as well.

Watch FacesExcellent new feature

Like I mentioned when we first took a look at the custom wallpapers from Watch Faces, I absolutely love being able to personalize my devices. So, this new feature is pretty awesome. Keep in mind that the Live Photos currently do not allow for an overlay like the static wallpaper photos do. However, if you really want to make your Watch pop with Live Photos, then Watch Faces is your tool.

Watch Faces is designed for iPhone and Apple Watch and costs $1.99 on the App Store.

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Watch Faces - Live Photos, Wallpapers, and Backgrounds
Watch Faces - Live Photos, Wallpapers, and Backgrounds
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