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Protect your messages with M – Safe email made simple

Protect your messages with M Safe email made simple

Digital Communicator
November 30, 2015

We all know that privacy and security are important when browsing the Web and exchanging emails. A company named Mynigma realizes this and has an email app that concentrates on these essentials by employing device-to-device encryption. The app is called M – Safe email made simple and has the features you need to keep your messages safe.

M – Safe email made simpleAbout the messages

Any emails sent to or received from other M users are automatically encrypted by default. This is easily seen when you add the email address for your recipient. Green means the message is safe and red means it is not.

M – Safe email made simpleAbout the encryption

The key management in M provides an automatic key exchange in the email headers and secure synchronization uses a hash commit protocol that makes sure only those devices you authorize have access to your data. As for the algorithms used, Mynigma clearly states on their site:

We employ RSA with 4096 bit keys and OAEP padding, AES with 128 bit keys and SHA-512 for hashing. Unlike PGP and S/MIME we do not use broken or outdated algorithms like SHA-1. We also encrypt subject lines, as well as attachments.

Other details

You can use M for IMAP/SMTP accounts, Gmail, and soon the app will be available for POP3 as well. Gmail labels are supported and collated folders let you view messages per account or across all accounts.

If security is your biggest concern when it comes to exchanging messages, then take a look at M – Safe email made simple. The app is designed for iPhone and iPad, is available for Mac, and is free on the App Store with no ads or in-app purchases.

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M - Safe email made simple
M - Safe email made simple
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