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Review: Native Union's DOCK for Apple Watch

Review: Native Union's DOCK for Apple Watch

November 20, 2015

Native Union’s DOCK is a charging station for Apple Watch. How well does it do the job? Let’s find out.

The Facts

Company: Native Union
Product: DOCK
Price: $59.99; $119.99 for Marble Edition
Compatibility: All Apple Watch models and sizes
Colors: Graphite/Aluminum, Black Marble/Aluminum, White Marble/Gold
Date: Nov. 18, 2015



The first thing I noticed about DOCK when I took it out of the box is that it’s heavy. I had no concerns that this would tip over, even when using it on its side. It’s a classy-looking piece that I feel good about displaying on my nightstand. The heavy base is matte graphite while the arm is a brushed aluminum. The arm does rotate, so you can angle your watch exactly as you wish.

It doesn’t come with an Apple Watch charging cable, so you need to use your own. There’s a spot for the disk, and the cord wraps around inside and comes out the back so that it can be plugged in with a minimum of cord showing.

DOCK can be used in two different orientations, depending on which you prefer. Place the wide part of the base down if you wish to display your watch horizontally and use Nightstand mode. If you prefer not to use Nightstand mode, just put the DOCK on its edge so that the arm that holds the watch sticks out; displaying your watch vertically. Either way, the watch looks great and feels secure.


DOCK is designed so that you can charge your watch on it clasped or unclasped. Since my wrists are pretty small, and many of my bands are also small, this means my watch has a very snug fit on the DOCK’s arm while using the smaller bands. Since I use my DOCK exclusively horizontally in Nightstand mode, it doesn’t matter to me. But it’s something to be aware if you have small wrists and bands, and you prefer a vertical display.

Bottom line

Overall, DOCK is just a outstanding product. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, modern, functional Apple Watch charging dock that takes advantage of Nightstand mode and keeps cables out of the way, then consider DOCK. It’s compatible with all Apple Watch models. DOCK is available in graphite/aluminum from Native Union for $59.99. The more luxurious Marble Edition in black/aluminum or white/gold runs $119.99.

Black Marble and Aluminum

Black Marble and Aluminum

White Marble and Gold

White Marble and Gold

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