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Securely share your passwords with 1Password for Teams

Securely share your passwords with 1Password for Teams

November 4, 2015

If you’ve ever used password manager app 1Password in a team environment by sharing your vault, you’ve probably wished for more control over your important information. Many users have asked not only for more control, but easier deployment of vaults and a simpler signup and billing process. AgileBits, the developer behind 1Password, has heard those requests and has announced an answer. The new product 1Password for Teams has entered beta testing.

Controlling your personal information vaults

Within 1Password for Teams, you’ll find a new Admin Console. This is a central location to manage your team, vaults, and the items within those encrypted directories. It allows the group environment to easily invite new team members, share and revoke access to vaults, and control who has access to what. With 1Password for Teams, it’s even possible to allow teammates to log into sites without being able to see the passwords.


Secure, but recoverable

Everything in the 1Password vault is encrypted within the client app, and AgileBits does not have a copy of the encryption keys. While it’s not possible for AgileBits to reset a Master Password, 1Password for Teams does allow the administrator of the team to recover account access for teammates.


Getting involved

During the beta of 1Password for Teams, the product is completely free for anybody who signs up. Once the beta ends, the service will move to a subscription model. AgileBits hasn’t disclosed yet how much the monthly subscription will be. If you want to try out 1Password for Teams, you can reserve your spot on the waiting list by visiting the signup page.

If you’ve never used 1Password and want to give it a spin, it’s designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is available for free on the App Store.

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