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The Basecamp charger works with 3 iOS devices at once

The Basecamp charger works with 3 iOS devices at once

November 16, 2015

The Basecamp charger by iNZeyo Labs claims to charge up to three iOS devices at once. How does it work? Let’s take a look.

The Facts

Company: iNZeyo Labs
Product: Basecamp
Price: $69.00
Compatibility: iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+; any Apple Watch, any iPad
Colors: Silver with black and white accents
Date: Nov. 12, 2015



The Basecamp, like most charging stations, doesn’t come with any charging cables, so you must use your own. The Apple Watch cable is six feet long while the iPhone cable that comes with the phone is three feet long. Both will fit inside Basecamp simultaneously, wound tightly around posts inside the unit. It’s not easy to get the cables wound, but once you do it, you screw on the bottom place with the provided screws. The bottom has little silicone feet to keep Basecamp in place on your nightstand and keep it from damaging the surface. Basecamp is heavy, and it doesn’t feel in danger of tipping over.

Once you place the Apple Watch charging disk into place, it’s held with what amounts to a sticker. It is secure there, and it’s very difficult to remove. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who moves their Apple Watch charging cable from place to place. It holds your Apple Watch very nicely, regardless of the watch band style, at a good viewing angle. However, it should be noted that Basecamp is not compatible with Nightstand Mode.


Rather than the lightning cable hanging loose like on many charging stations, the Basecamp gives you a nut that holds the lightning end of the cable firmly in place pointed upwards. This makes it easy to take your phone on and off the charger; there is no fiddling with the cable. There are three silicone pads included insuring the best fit for your phone. Choose the one that best fits your phone and its case, if you use one, so the phone fits comfortably into the charging cradle.

This is all pretty nicely done, and the iOS cords are well-managed and out of sight, but what about the third device? There is a USB port on the back of Basecamp. If you wish to charge another iOS device, you can plug a third cord back there. The advantage to this is it that it doesn’t take up space in your outlet, and it doesn’t require a wall charger. But there is no cord management for this third device, it’s just a USB port.




As a bonus, Basecamp has a nightlight. Just press and hold the nightlight’s power button until it reaches desired intensity, and then let go. Tap again to turn off the light.

Bottom Line: I like the cord management Basecamp offers. It charges all of my devices. I also appreciate being able to place my iPhone on the charger rather than having to pick up a cord and plug it in. It’s nice to have a place to charge my Apple Watch and my iPad (even if the third cable is not managed) as well. It is unfortunate that Basecamp lacks Nightstand Mode for Apple Watch. Basecamp can be pre-ordered for $69.00; it ships in December.

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