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Top five entertainment apps missing from your Apple TV

Top five entertainment apps missing from your Apple TV

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November 6, 2015

We’ve discussed gaming and using other apps on the new Apple TV quite a bit, but we all know the set top box can do much more than that. It is also a fantastic source of movies, television programs, and short video clips. The big names – Fox, NBC, FX, and so forth – are all there, but what if you want something a bit off the beaten path? For true television and movie aficionados, here are five entertainments apps that should be on your Apple TV, but probably aren’t.

Free Classic Movies

5EntertainmentApps 1

First, we’ve got a source of great classic movies. The Free Classic Movies app is a free download, and includes links to many of the most popular films from the early days of television and motion pictures. You’ll find films from Charlie Chaplin as well as horror titles like the original “Night of the Living Dead,” along with plenty in between. The app has a simple but beautiful and easy to navigate design, and provides you unlimited access to classic movies.


5EntertainmentApps 2

FYI is a television network that features original programming like “Married at First Sight,” “Arranged,” and “Late Nite Chef Fight.” While access to most of what the app has to offer requires authenticating with your cable TV service provider, there is still plenty here for cord cutters to enjoy for free. The latest episodes are available even without a cable subscription, and the programming is varied and entertaining.

R Viki

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If you enjoy foreign and independent films and television shows, R Viki is the app for you. It features content from around the world, including movies and television programs from Taiwan, Korea, India, and others. The interface is very like the rest of the Apple TV content streaming experience, and there is a wide variety of free content to choose from.


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With Popsugar, you get workout programs and cooking shows, along with all of the hottest trends in fashion, entertainment, beauty, and fitness. The app provides you with access to plenty of original content, including such programs as “Class FitSugar,” “Eat the Trend,” and “We Spy Style,” among others. Once again, the interface is seamlessly similar to the rest of the Apple TV experience, giving you a familiar way to locate your favorite programming.


5EntertainmentApps 5

Last, but certainly not least, is Tastemade a video network built for the mobile generation. Tastemade allows you to discover and share your passion for great food and travel, and the Apple TV app provides you with an excellent place to find the original programming and community-submitted videos exploring all that the world has to offer.

More there, and surely more to come

There are definitely more titles available on the Apple TV’s App Store for finding great content to watch, and I’m certain there’s still more to come. These are just my personal favorites so far. They provide a breadth of options that is hard to come by, and they’re all free. Check them out in the Apple TV’s curated Entertainment category. What are some of your recommendations? Let us know in the comments.

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