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Twitter comes to the Apple TV, courtesy of AirFeed

Twitter comes to the Apple TV, courtesy of AirFeed

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November 3, 2015

If you have been wishing for a way to get your Twitter feed onto your big screen via the new Apple TV, the answer is here. Thanks to AirFeed, you can now access your Twitter timeline through your fourth-generation Apple TV.

Getting started

When you launch AirFeed for the first time, you’ll be prompted to authenticate with your Twitter account. You do this by visiting a special Web page using your computer, logging into Twitter and authorizing the app, and then typing in a special numeric passcode on your Apple TV. The whole process is quick and painless, and took me less than two minutes to complete. Then it was on to viewing my Twitter timeline on my television.


Enjoy Twitter

Ultimately, I was a bit underwhelmed with the experience, because you can’t do anything with the tweets other than flag them as inappropriate. You can’t post to Twitter, and there’s no way to retweet or do anything other than view your timeline. On top of that, most of the people I follow on Twitter don’t tend to post pictures very often. If you follow folks who post a lot of photos, your experience will be much different from mine.


The AirFeed experience

If your Twitter friends do post a number of pictures, AirFeed is a beautiful app, displaying those images in all of their glory. The photos I did come across in my Twitter timeline through AirFeed looked gorgeous on my big screen TV, so this app will have a place for many people. You can scroll through your tweets, or let them pass by on an automated timer. I only wish the app offered more options, like being able to retweet or quote tweets.

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