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AppAdvice’s top 10 Apple Watch apps of 2015

AppAdvice’s top 10 Apple Watch apps of 2015

That iThingy You're Wearing
December 22, 2015

In 2015, Cupertino finally released the Apple Watch. Alongside the new wearable came a boatload of new apps, some created exclusively for Apple Watch. Which were the best? It’s time to take a look at our inaugural list of the Best Apple Watch apps of the year.

The AppAdvice Apple Watch app of 2015

BeatTune, free, iPhone, Apple Watch

BeatTuneWorking with the Health App and Apple Watch, BeatTune determines where your heart rate should be based on your age and current activity. The app not only monitors your heart rate but sends you essential alerts when your reading is too high, which is the standout feature of this app. You just pick Resting, Moderate, or Intense for your current activity level and let the app do the rest.

BeatTune may have a simple concept, however, for those who need to keep a close eye on their heart rate and receive helpful alerts for high readings, this app is indispensable.


Shazam, free, Universal, Apple Watch

Shazam Watch RecentTo capture that song you danced to at the club or that tune you heard at the restaurant, Shazam is perfect on the Apple Watch. Just tap to Shazam the song, see the details, have it saved to your list, and use Handoff to purchase it from iTunes on your iPhone. When you open the app on your Watch, you can quickly see your latest “shazamed” songs or check out the Glance for the most recent one.

Shazam is not a new app, but its availability and features for Apple Watch this year bring the convenience of a tap instead of having to dig out your device.


Carrot Weather, $3.99, Universal, Apple Watch

Carrot Weather Apple Watch 1The weather doesn’t have to be boring and with Carrot Weather, it is anything but dreary. You can enjoy the same wit and humor on the Apple Watch as you do your other devices with current conditions in a Glance. If you open the app on your wrist, you can also check out the hourly forecast, “feels like” temperature, and what’s coming up for the week. The app even lets you change your complication colors for some added flair.

For a fun way to get your weather when you are heading out in the door, Carrot Weather for Apple Watch will put a smile on your face even if it’s storming.

CloudMagic Email, free, Universal, Apple Watch

CloudMagic Inboxes on WatchCloudMagic Email is a wonderful alternative to the default email app on your device and with Apple Watch support you cannot go wrong. The app lets you choose with inbox to open on your wrist and unread messages are clearly marked. You can quickly reply with preset responses or use the microphone to compose one. The Glance shows your most recent email and the notifications mean you will never miss a message. You can even delete or archive emails on the Apple Watch so your inbox stays nice and tidy.

If you use CloudMagic Email as your go-to app for emails, then the app on the Apple Watch will impress you.

Dash for Apple Watch, free, iPhone, Apple Watch

Dash Watch ScreenDash is a handy tool for creating your very own Apple Watch app and Glance. You can select to see your iPhone’s battery, power state, or network. But for something more fun, you can choose an awesome photo of your family, friends, or even your cat Fluffy. If there is famous phrase you love, a passcode you need each morning, or other text that you want to see at a glance, you can add that too.

Dash for Apple Watch is a terrific way to bring customization to your Watch that also provides useful information or just a pick-me-up for your day.

Personal, $0.99, iPhone, Apple Watch

PersonalOne of the coolest things about third-party complications on the Apple Watch is those that let you customize your watch face and this is Personal. You spent a lot of money on your Watch and although it is very useful, it should show off your personality at the same time. With Personal you can add emojis and lines of text in different forms, making the app not only entertaining, but useful at the same time. Include a note or reminder, an inspirational quote, or just an emoji for the holidays to spruce up your watch face.

Personal provides endless possibilities to make your Apple Watch stand out and match your style.

Power, $1.99, iPhone, Apple Watch

Power Watch ChargedIf your Apple Watch is your ultimate source for notifications, then Power is a utility app you will love. The app notifies you if your iPhone’s battery level is getting low which is terrific when you are out and about. So, you can keep your phone in your bag or on your belt and be alerted if you need to charge it. The app will also notify you when it is fully charged which is handy if you are outside, for example, and your phone is charging in the house. You can tap the app on your wrist and easily check your iPhone’s battery level at any time too.

Power is a convenient tool for a hands-free alert about your iPhone’s battery.

Slack, free, Universal, Apple Watch

SlackFor team communication, Slack is a popular and handy tool. And, with Slack on your Apple Watch, you can always stay in touch no matter where you go. When you pop the app open on your wrist, you immediately see any unread messages you have waiting. You can view direct messages along with mentions and also switch between teams with the Force Touch Menu. Use a preset response or your microphone to reply to others quickly.

Slack on the Apple Watch lets you communicate and stay connected with your team when you are on-the-go.

Wunderlist, free, Universal, Apple Watch

Wunderlist Watch NotifyWhen it comes to keeping up with your tasks, Wunderlist for Apple Watch is a winner. You can quickly see your next few tasks with the Glance and receive notifications when to-do is due. When you first open the app on your wrist, you can choose to see your Inbox, Today, Starred, and Assigned to Me items. Below that, you will also see the lists displayed that you have configured on your iPhone. You can mark off completed tasks with a tap and create new easily ones with the microphone.

If you use Wunderlist for managing your tasks, then this app is a must-have for Apple Watch.

Yummly, free, iPhone, Apple Watch

Yummly WatchWhat more convenient way is there to shop than with your list on your wrist? With Yummly on the Apple Watch, not only can you see your shopping list without dragging out your phone, but even look for new recipes on the fly. So, if there is a sale on chicken, quickly look for a great recipe on your Watch and get everything needed for it while you can also see the preparation time and calorie count for the dish.

Yummly on the Apple Watch just makes shopping and finding delicious recipes when you are at the store a simple task.

Our look at the best apps and games of 2015 continues in the coming days. Tomorrow, Dec. 23, we’ll highlight the best Apple TV apps of the year. On Monday, Dec. 28, we’ll present the best free iPad apps for the year, followed by the best paid iPad apps on Dec. 30. On Tuesday, Dec. 29, and Thursday, Dec. 31, we’ll take a look at our favorite free and paid iPhone titles, respectively. Until then, happy holidays.

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