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Arriving now: the 'smart restaurant,' powered by eleat

Arriving now: the 'smart restaurant,' powered by eleat

December 8, 2015

Dining out is such a hassle these days, with restaurants getting busier and people becoming more impatient. Some restaurants have engaged the digital era with their own ordering apps, but these are usually single-purposed and, quite honestly, often not done very well. What would be nice would be a single app for multiple restaurants, allowing you to use your iPhone or iPad for as much or as little of the dining out experience as you like. Well, a startup company in the Washington, District of Columbia metropolitan area is offering just that with eleat, a new app that bridges the gap between the decades-old dining out experience and today’s technology.

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Real-time access to menus

The first thing you’ll notice about eleat is that it features real-time menus for multiple restaurants. In fact, the limit is only the number of restaurants who sign up with eleat, a service that costs very little to implement. Within seconds, customers can view menus, check out ingredients, and then immediately place their orders without waiting for the server to come to the table.

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The founder and CEO of eleat, Terry Miller, describes the experience:

Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant without having to wait for service or pay for the check. You don’t have to imagine any more – eleat provides this choice and convenience today.

Use it as much or as little as you want

You aren’t limited to using the app in supported restaurants. In fact, you can mix and match how you use it. Perhaps you want to order from the app, but pay your server directly. Eleat gives you that freedom, a flexibility that few, if any, competing restaurant apps are offering.

Where can you try out eleat?

Right now, eleat is launching in the District, serving a variety of restaurants including Policy, Lost Society, Bin1301, Chaplins, The Gryphon, Picollo, Sax, Piassa, Sol Mexican Grill Cantina, Catch 15 and AsiaDC. The service plans to expand along the east coast of the United States in the near future, with eventual availability nationwide.

Dining on your terms with eleat

If you’re near an eleat-equipped restaurant, you can download the software for free on the App Store. The app is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 6 or later. If you use the app to pay for your meal, you’ll be charged an additional $0.99 for carryout and dine-in orders and $1.99 for delivery.

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