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BeatTune: Meaningful Heart Rate alerts you of risk

BeatTune: Meaningful Heart Rate alerts you of risk

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December 16, 2015

Is your heart rate where it should be for your age and current physical activity? If you cannot answer this because you don’t have an app for that yet, check out BeatTune: Meaningful Heart Rate. Using your Apple Watch and Health App, BeatTune determines if your heart rate is where it should be and will alert you if you are at risk.

How BeatTune works

What BeatTune does is read your heart rate while you are wearing your Watch and shows the reading on both your wrist and your iPhone. All you have to do is select your current activity level from Resting, Moderate, or Intense. This is important because your heart rate is obviously in different danger zones depending on activity.

BeatTuneBuilt-in alerts

When BeatTune reads your heart rate compared to your age and current activity, it will alert you if your rate is too high. The alert pops up on your Watch as well as your iPhone, which perfect. You can choose to disable the notification if you like, however, this is one of the best features of the app. And, I can attest to the alert working well as I received one myself today as shown below.

BeatTuneBasic heart rate reader

A few days ago we looked at a similar app called HeartWatch. So, I obviously compared these two and was at first disappointed with the features for BeatTune because HeartWatch offers so much more. But, upon further thought these two should actually not be compared because their purposes are a bit different.

Where HeartWatch does show current readings, it also offers tracking of your heart rate over periods of time and shows you patterns. But, BeatTune is meant to be a simpler app to show you your current rate and let you know immediately if you are in danger. So, it really depends on your needs because both apps are helpful for providing heart rate data.

BeatTune: Meaningful Heart Rate is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch. In other news, check out Beautiful astronomy app Solar Walk 2 arrives on the Apple TV with a new update or Apple is planning on bringing 3D Touch to its future iPads.

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BeatTune: Meaningful Heart Rate
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HeartWatch. View & get notified about heart rate data captured on your watch.

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