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Become a grammar warrior in Sentence Wars

Become a grammar warrior in Sentence Wars

Pocket Gaming
December 9, 2015

For you word game fans, there is a new challenge awaiting that will make you a word warrior and nonsense-writing ninja. Sentence Wars puts you in battle of words by forming grammatically correct sentences to dominate the game board.

Sentence WarsPlaying Sentence Wars

You will be presented with a board full of words and your job is to create a sentence. It will likely end up being a very silly, ridiculous sentence. But, as long as the grammar is correct, you will score. Just tap each word tile to create your sentence, click Submit, and those tiles will be turned to your color. You receive a point for each word in your sentence and the player with the highest score once all tiles are used is the winner.

Here is a preview of Sentence Wars. Just click here if you cannot see the video:

Other game details

Once you sign in with Game Center, you can play a random opponent or invite a friend. Since Sentence Wars has turn-based gameplay, you will see a list of your current games on the main screen. You can play three games and if you watch a video ad, you will get to play two more. You can also unlock the full version for unlimited games and no ads.

Sentence WarsUnique word game

What makes Sentence Wars fun and entertaining are the hilarious sentences that you end up creating. But hey, as long as your sentence is grammatically correct with your word formation, you score. And, since you take turns against your opponent, you are not sucked into an involved game that takes up hours of your time.

Sentence Wars is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free on the App Store and the mentioned in-app purchase for the full version is $2.99. For more new games, look at Light all of the bulbs in the rotating puzzler Current Stream or Restore harmony to the world in Maestria, a beautiful puzzler.

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