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Break bricks and catch falling nunus in Breakout Arkanu

Break bricks and catch falling nunus in Breakout Arkanu

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December 15, 2015

For an arcade, brick-breaking adventure with a little story added, check out the new Breakout Arkanu. Left without homes due to cut trees in the forest, the nunu squirrels are now living within the bricks of the buildings. It is up to you to rid the structures of nunus by destroying the buildings if necessary. Meet level objectives, use bonuses to help, and watch out for the nunus.

Breakout ArkanuGameplay

You slide your finger to move your paddle as with most brick-breaking games. Destroy the bricks, catch the nunus, and reach specific scores to achieve level objectives. You do have to be leery of the nunus, however, because they will throw things that will decrease your score and stun your paddle. But, if you can bounce a nunu off your paddle when he falls, you will increase your score. Check out this preview of Breakout Arkanu and just click here if you cannot see it:

Game details

Breakout Arkanu has five game modes, four difficulty settings, seven collectible upgrades, and 30 achievements. There are also 37 bonuses that can be upgraded like those that change the ball speed or paddle size to help you with certain level objectives. You can also store those bonuses to use them only when needed and choose from different skins as well as level packs.

Breakout ArkanuFun game with a twist

This arcade adventure is enhanced by the story and of course, the nunus. Sometimes you are trying to bounce your ball, avoid the nunus thrown items, catch falling nunus, and collect bonuses all at once. So, the game can become pretty frenzied. But at the same time, that is what makes Breakout Arkanu a unique and enjoyable game.

Breakout Arkanu is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases for in-game currency, level packs, and ad-removal.

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