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Can you stop the Silly Saucers from taking over earth?

Can you stop the Silly Saucers from taking over earth?

Pocket Gaming
December 17, 2015

Those silly aliens are flying their saucers way too close to major cities, and it’s up to you to blast them out of the sky before they smash up one of your favorite skyscrapers. You have two photon laser cannons at your disposal to help these wayward aliens find their way back home again. That’s the idea behind Silly Saucers, a new casual game title on the App Store.

Simple controls

Your cannons aim automatically, but they don’t fire that way. It’s up to you to tap the screen to blast away the aliens while they’re in your crosshairs. You start off the game with five lives, and lose one every time you miss an alien. Watch out, though, because those saucers move fast and they’re easy to miss if you aren’t quick.


Different types of saucers

Not all saucers are created equally, of course. Some saucers only require a single shot to disintegrate them, but others need two hits. You also have saucers that give you extra points or an extra life. Finally, there are some saucers that apparently transport important ambassadors to earth, so you’d better not shoot them.

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Addictive missile defense gameplay

Silly Saucers provides you with fast and furious games, and it’s highly addictive. You get all the fun of casual gaming, but at a breakneck pace. The game has a finely tuned difficulty curve that keeps you coming back for more, and there are three major cities to rescue, along with the world.


Get to blasting

Silly Saucers is designed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and requires iOS 6 or later. There are banner and pop-up ads in the game, but you can remove them with a $1.99 in-app purchase.

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