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Declutter your iPhone's image library with PhotoPanda

Declutter your iPhone's image library with PhotoPanda

December 1, 2015

Many of us love using our iPhones for cameras, but we don’t enjoy having to manually get rid of the shots that are too dark, too blurry, or just plain copies of other images. This time-consuming process is something most of us put off until our iPhones are so cluttered with unwanted photos that we’re out of space. A new offering on the App Store, PhotoPanda, helps take the pain out of decluttering your photo library.

How it works

PhotoPanda uses its own algorithms to evaluate your photographs, determining which ones are duplicates, too dark, or too blurry. It also detects selfies and screenshots, putting them within their own category so you can deal with them separately. However, you’ll still find those selfies and screenshots in the main categories, so you should exercise caution when you’re deleting your photos. After you’ve used it, the app shows you how many photos you’ve deleted and how much space you have saved.

PhotoPanda 3

Deleting the unwanted duplicates

Once PhotoPanda finishes reviewing your photo library, you can go into one of the categories and find an easy way to delete those unwanted images. For example, when you go into the Duplicates folder, you’ll find all of the repeated images selected. This detection process isn’t perfect, so you should review what’s going to be removed before you press the delete button, but overall it works really well.

PhotoPanda 2

The other categories

To save you the time and trouble of having to deselect images that you don’t want to delete, the other categories don’t automatically select photos for deletion. This way, those intentionally dark or blurry photographs are still there if you want them. If you do want to get rid of everything in one fell swoop, you can use the “All” button to get everything ready for deletion.


A great and useful app

PhotoPanda is powerful and useful for saving space on your iPhone or iPad. The app is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8 or later. You can download PhotoPanda for free on the App Store, with no ads or in-app purchases to worry about.

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