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Enter a challenging geometric puzzle world in Hyspherical 2

Enter a challenging geometric puzzle world in Hyspherical 2

Pocket Gaming
December 3, 2015

If you enjoy level-based puzzle games with attractive graphics, pleasant music, and of course, a good challenge, then you need to try Hyspherical 2. This new game from Game Analytics and Monkeybin Studios presents you with shapes and spheres along with a simple goal that is difficult to master.

Hyspherical 2How to play Hyspherical 2

In each level you will see shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. On each shape you tap to place a sphere. The goal is for the spheres to make a full rotation on all of the shapes without colliding. So again, the goal is simple, but achieving it is the tough part. Here is a video that shows how to play Hyspherical 2 and just click here if you cannot view it:

More game details

Hyspherical 2 has over 100 levels that get obviously more challenging as you go when more shapes and sticky things like obstacles are introduced. You can connect to Facebook to check out how well your friends do with the game too.

Hyspherical 2Imaginative challenge

Hyspherical 2 is a frustratingly fun new challenge for puzzle fans. Timing is everything and just when you think you have it, boom, those spheres collide. But, that is what makes it a good game because you want to keep playing. The graphics and animations are clean and attractive and the charming background music completes the package for a truly nice puzzle game experience.

Hyspherical 2 is designed for iPhone and iPad. You can pick it up for free on the App Store and the game has in-app purchase options for additional coins to help you through the levels.

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