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Epic adventure Oceanhorn receives improvements for iPad Pro

Epic adventure Oceanhorn receives improvements for iPad Pro

Pocket Gaming
December 7, 2015

With its engaging story, stunning 3-D visuals, and stimulating gameplay, Oceanhorn brings an amazing adventure to iOS. And, in a recent update the game has received some enhancements that are great news for iPad Pro owners along with those who have an Apple TV.

OceanhornWhat’s new with Oceanhorn

If you are enjoying your new iPad Pro and are looking for a captivating adventure to sink your teeth into, then Oceanhorn is a solid choice. The game has been updated to extend the ultra-quality graphics so that the world map and environment decoration look better than ever. In addition, the game brought iCloud sync in March of 2014 and now provides cross-saving compatibility with Apple TV.

OceanhornWhat Oceanhorn is all about

This fascinating journey begins when you awake to find your father is gone and only a letter from him and necklace belonging to your mother remain. You will then explore the islands of the Uncharted Seas to discover the mysteries behind and ancient kingdom and the sea monster Oceanhorn mentioned by your father. You will learn to use magic, defend yourself against monsters, and solve puzzles to unravel the secrets in this epic adventure.

OceanhornAn intriguing journey

Oceanhorn not only has an absorbing storyline, but enjoyable gameplay as you explore and discover parts of the islands. The controls are simple, the graphics are gorgeous, and the music adds the perfect touch to the overall experience.

Take a look at Christine Chan’s original review of Oceanhorn and then head over to the App Store to purchase the game. It is designed for iPhone and iPad and available for $8.99.

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