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Find the best places to go from people who know with Spot

Find the best places to go from people who know with Spot

The World Around You
December 4, 2015

Whether it’s the weekend and you are looking for a fun place to hang out or it’s vacation time and you want to know the best places to eat in your destination city, Spot can show you the way. This new app provides location details along with helpful reviews from friends and experts worldwide.

SpotThe spots

One of the easiest ways to find spots you want to visit is by enabling your location. The app will then automatically search for places near you and provide you a handy list to browse through. This is great for making weekend plans. Check out the reviews so you can see what others have to say, visit the location’s website, or give them a call with a click.

SpotIf you are planning a trip, instead of using your current location you can check out the featured cities or search for one to get the hot spots to visit. Each place you see in the app shows a photo, hours of operation, and connects directly to your maps app for directions.

SpotUseful features

When you find some locations you would like to visit, Spot offers a convenient list feature. Add those places that interest you so they are always in your pocket. You can also follow other Spot users which is super for when someone continues to add locations that you enjoy. The app has helpful filters, so when you want to find only locations for arts and culture or entertainment and attractions, you can easily filter your search.

SpotHandy and helpful

When it’s time to head out for awesome food, fun attractions, or the best cup of coffee in town, Spot is a good app. If you connect to Facebook you can check out what your friends think of the locations and sharing spots you find is a helpful feature. The interface is very easy to use with intuitive navigation and options. So, go ahead and find that perfect Spot.

Spot is available for free on the App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Spot — the best places according to experts and friends
Spot — the best places according to experts and friends
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