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Is the Quarter Super Charge Powerbank the charger for you?

Is the Quarter Super Charge Powerbank the charger for you?

December 21, 2015

The Quarter Super Charge Powerbank portable charger claims to charge up in just 15 minutes with enough power to fully recharge an iPhone. Does it live up to its claims? Let’s take a look.

The Facts

Company: Quarter
Product: Quarter Super Charge Powerbank
Price: $50
Compatibility: any iOS Device
Color: Aluminum
Date: Dec. 15, 2015


The Quarter works a bit differently than most portable chargers. First of all, instead of charging via a proprietary charging cord, it uses a standard MacBook MagSafe charger. It doesn’t come with a MagSafe wall charger, but it does come with a MagSafe car charger. I suppose you could use the included car charger to charge your MacBook, too, if you wished.


I first tested the Quarter with my own computer’s MagSafe charger. It took more like 25 minutes for all four of the Quarter’s charging indicator lights to come on, but the maker assured me that the charge gained in 15 minutes is enough to charge up an iPhone completely. At any rate, 25 minutes is still pretty fast, and the charger did indeed charge up my iPhone all the way.

I tested it again with the included car charger this time. Initially, the car charger didn’t work, but after twisting and fiddling with the cord, it did. I timed it, so I only charged up the Quarter for 15 minutes. While only three of the four charge indicator lights came on, it was still enough juice to charge up my iPhone completely.

The Quarter is steel, an unusual choice. It’s certainly attractive and goes beautifully with my other devices. However, it does get warm when it charges, and cold when it sits in my cold car this time of year. I hadn’t noticed these types of temperature changes with plastic chargers. The shape is sleek and modern; it doesn’t even look like a charger. It’s similar in size and shape to an iPhone.


The Quarter does live up to its fast charging claims. This is particularly nice anytime you’re in a hurry. I can imagine being in an airport; just 15 minutes at the crowded outlet gives your Quarter enough charge to give you a full cycle of power for your iPhone. You can use your MacBook’s charging cord in addition to the car charger to charge the Quarter.

Bottom Line

The Quarter Super Charge Powerbank charges up with a MagSafe charging cord in just 15 minutes. This gives it enough power to charge your iPhone completely one time, as claimed. I think it’s expensive for a portable charger, however. You can purchase the Quarter here for $50.00.

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