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Make algebra as simple as snapping a picture with Photomath

Make algebra as simple as snapping a picture with Photomath

December 11, 2015

When you’re learning algebra or other advanced math, sometimes the process of solving an equation can be complicated and confusing. As a huge help, Photomath provides you with answers to complex equations, along with detailed step-by-step explanations for how to solve them.

How to use Photomath

Getting the answer and explanation for an equation is as simple as pointing your iPhone’s camera at the problem in your book or on your worksheet. Photomath instantly displays the answer, and you can then tap the result to get the detailed explanation for how to solve the equation.


While it won’t recognize handwritten text, the app does provide an easy-to-use math keyboard for entering in problems and equations by hand instead of scanning them.


Who’s the app for?

Millions of students worldwide, according to the app’s developers. It’s used to make the learning progress faster and more fun, helping them when they’re stuck on a problem. Parents can also use Photomath to check their children’s homework, putting the math teacher right in their pockets.


What kind of math can it solve?

Photomath is programmed to support arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, equation systems, and several functions like algorithms. The developers are adding new math concepts periodically, making the app even more useful and comprehensive.

Getting Photomath

Photomath is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 7 or later. It’s a free download on the App Store without any advertisements. There are in-app purchases, but they are only to help support the development of the app and don’t offer any additional content or features.

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