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MileCatcher Traffic takes the hassle out of trip tracking

MileCatcher Traffic takes the hassle out of trip tracking

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December 4, 2015

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in traffic each day? Or, maybe you are looking for a convenient way to log your miles for that daily commute? A handy app called MileCatcher Traffic can help you with both of these things and even more.

MileCatcherMileCatcher tracking

Every trip you take with MileCatcher will be logged in the app with options to categorize your trips. From business trips where you need details for expenses to daily commutes where you want to know how long you are in traffic, the app makes it simple to keep track. You can quickly swipe on a trip to categorize it and export a free monthly report for expenses. Here is a short video showing how MileCatcher Traffic can work for you. Just click here if you cannot see it:

More MileCatcher features

The app is not just for tracking and logging miles, but also provides traffic data so that you can see exactly how must time is wasted waiting. In addition, the app will alert you if you exceed the speed limit, brake too hard, or accelerate too fast which is a helpful feature for new drivers. You can easily compare trips and filter to see the fastest route, check weekly and yearly estimates, and take a look at a map view that includes risky driving marks.

MileCatcherHandy tool

If you do a lot of driving, whether it is for business trips or your daily commute, then MileCatcher is a convenient tool to have with you. The automatic trip tracking and ability to export data for expenses are terrific, useful features. Just remember that continued use of GPS can decrease your device’s battery life.

MileCatcher Traffic is available for free on your iPhone and contains no advertisements. So, download it from the App Store and give it a try. In other news, take a look at Dictate with speed and precision in Dragon Anywhere on iOS or Find the best places to go from people who know with Spot.

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