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Mixtiles turns your photos into hanging wall tiles

Mixtiles turns your photos into hanging wall tiles

December 18, 2015

With mobile devices, we can snap countless images on the fly. Apps offer easy-to-use editing tools to makes those images stand out. Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks give us online outlets to post those pictures for anyone, anywhere to see.

If you’re looking for a more intimate way to show off your photos, consider Mixtiles. The new service turns your images into hanging wall tiles. I recently had the opportunity to order some sample Mixtiles. Here’s what I found out.

The app


Through the free Mixtiles app for iPhone, you select the photos to use. At launch, the minimum order is for three tiles for $49. Additional tiles are available for $9 each. Once you select your tiles, you can pay for your order via a credit card. You’ll receive a confirmation email and receive your tiles in about a week. Shipping is free.

The Mixtiles app is easy to use. It’s also barebones, for better or worse. You can crop your photos within the app, but this is the only editing tool currently available. Order history is also lacking, which is a bummer. Despite these limitations, the app performs well.

The tiles

Mixtiles 2

Each tile is 8-by-8 inches and about 0.6 inches thick. Each comes with four removal glue dots to attach the tile to your wall. The company promises that these dots can be removed and reattached “at least two dozen times.” I reapplied my sample tiles five times each. The dots remained sticky and attached to my wall as expected.


Weight is one of the reasons Mixtiles reattach so easily. The material is exclusive to Mixtiles, and will remind you of lightweight Styrofoam, only denser and harder.



I enjoy my sample Mixtiles and plan on buying some in the future. It will be interesting to see how the Mixtiles ecosystem grows. Hopefully, the app gets better. I’d also like to see the company offer a choice of tile sizes. Overall, however, Mixtiles is off to a good start and is something you should check out.

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