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Radio Shack offers steep discount on Apple TV and HDMI cable

Radio Shack offers steep discount on Apple TV and HDMI cable

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December 30, 2015

If you’ve been waiting for a great deal on the fourth-generation Apple TV, Radio Shack has one for you. You can score a 32 GB variant of the set-top box along with the requisite, but not normally included, HDMI cable at an awesome price of $119.98.

Radio Shack has had a few random door buster sales of the set-top box for $99, but they’ve only been offered in-store. Making matters worse, most Radio Shack stores only stock one or two units at a time, and their Web page’s ability to tell you whether an item is actually available in the brick-and-mortar locations is so delayed that it’s practically worthless.


Bear this in mind, too: the 32 GB Apple TV normally retails for $149, and new products from the Cupertino-based tech giant rarely go on sale. Throw in the HDMI cable, and you’ve got a deal that can easily save you $50 over the regular cost of getting your Apple TV and hooking it up.

How long will this deal last? That’s hard to say, and Radio Shack doesn’t offer that information. This bargain is really too good to pass up, though, so I recommend jumping on it right away. You can buy the 32 GB Apple TV for $119.98 plus shipping from this Web page. With the cheapest shipping, $5.95, you’ll be paying $125.93 for your set-top box and an HDMI cable. It’s a great bargain for Apple’s latest set-top box.

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