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Review: Topaz curved glass iPhone screen protector

Review: Topaz curved glass iPhone screen protector

December 3, 2015

Many screen protectors, particularly glass ones, don’t go over the curved edge of the iPhone’s screen. Today we’re taking a look at one that does.

The Facts

Company: WinnerGear
Product: Topaz
Price: $39.99 (discounts available, see details below)
Compatibility: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus
Colors: Clear with white or black bezel
Date: Dec. 3, 2015


I’ve used quite a few screen protectors on my iPhones over the years. I’ve tried plastic and glass, shiny and matte, dry and wet-install. Lately, I’ve been into the glass screen protectors, as they offer the closest approximation of the “naked” screen experience. There are no wrinkles or impaired clarity with a glass screen protector. They do add a bit of weight to the iPhone, but since it’s such a light phone that doesn’t bother me.

Most glass screen protectors are completely flat, which means they end well short of the iPhone’s curved edges. Having unprotected screen edges might not matter much, particularly for someone using a case with a substantial lip over the screen. But many people would prefer more edge-to-edge protection, and that means the screen protector must be curved like the iPhone’s screen.

Here is the Topaz screen protector before installation.

Here is the Topaz screen protector before installation.

WinnerGear recently ran a successful Indiegogo campaign to bring their Topaz glass screen protector to market. They claim that their fill glass nano-technology makes their product more durable, smooth, fingerprint-resistant, and anti-bacterial.

I’m not going to test their durability claims by purposely scratching the screen with keys or hitting it with a hammer, but I do find it to be very smooth and less prone to fingerprints than most screen protectors. I can’t test the anti-bacterial claims, but I try not to put my phone in situations where it would pick up germs.

The screen protector isn’t totally clear; the bezel is colored to match (or contrast with, if that’s your preference) your iPhone’s. I chose white to match my rose gold iPhone’s white bezel, but if you wanted to mix things up by getting black instead, you could. Just keep in mind that since your home button isn’t covered, it will stand out by being the original color.

I used the hinge method to install the Topaz and was able to install it cleanly in just about a minute. There were some big bubbles when I first installed it, but they were mostly gone 12 hours later. I still have three tiny bubbles under the screen; I can’t tell if they are air or dust.

The screen protector installed on my phone, with a case on as well

The screen protector installed on my phone, with a case on as well

Screen coverage is better than other glass protectors I’ve used. One disadvantage to having such complete screen protection is that it limits your use of cases. I tried a case that had a good-sized lip over the edge of the screen, and that didn’t work; it forced the screen protector to come up off the screen. I have since switched to a case that doesn’t have that lip, and the combo works well. 3D touch works right through the Topaz.

Bottom line

I like this screen protector. It feels very much like using a naked display, other than the added weight. You can buy the Topaz for iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus directly from WinnerGear for $39.99; currently the coupon code BLACKWINNER will get you 40 percent off. You can also purchase the iPhone 6/6s model in either black or white from Amazon for $29.99.

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