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Starbucks and Postmates delivery service launches in Seattle

Starbucks and Postmates delivery service launches in Seattle

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December 2, 2015

Some of you Starbucks app users may have noticed an update yesterday, Dec. 1. While the updated version includes bug fixes for the Mobile Order and Pay customization options, Starbucks Coffee Company also included a nice nugget of news in their version description on the App Store:

Coming Soon: Delivery! Customers in the Seattle area, you will be able to have your mobile order delivered in under an hour.

The details

Postmates, the California-based company whose mission is to get any product delivered in less than one hour, announced their collaboration with Starbucks earlier this year. And, now the time has come for the pilot program to begin starting with customers in Seattle, Washington before expanding. In an announcement on the Postmates blog, the company writes:

Starting today, customers in select Seattle neighborhoods can now choose “Delivery” when placing an order on the Starbucks iOS app. Having delivery built into Starbucks mobile app means that customers will have all of the customization options they’re used to enjoying at Starbucks stores, plus they’ll continue to earn rewards through the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.

Starbucks PostmatesHow it works

Once delivery is selected within the app and an address is entered, customers create their order as usual. The order is then sent to the Postmates system and a courier heads to the nearest Starbucks location. The courier will then be able to skip the line for these orders and customers will be able to track their delivery in real-time.

As Starbucks states in their own announcement, “Initially, customers will be given a 60 minute window for delivery but most orders will arrive in less than 30 minutes”. In an article on TechCrunch today, it is mentioned that the price for delivery is $5.99 not including the tip. While it may be pricey for small or single orders, it could definitely be worth it for groups.

Starbucks PostmatesFor you lucky coffee-drinkers in Seattle that can now access this new service, make sure you have your Starbucks app updated and ready to go. You can get it for free on the App Store and use it on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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