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Today’s apps gone free: Harmony 3, Top Tank, Spell ’til You Drop and more

App Bargain Bin
December 5, 2015

Swap out blocks to match the color palette, lob projectiles at your enemies, and go on a spelling adventure with today’s collection of apps and games.

All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers.


har•mo•ny 3 ($0.99 → Free, 226.8 MB): It’s up to you to rearrange the colorful blocks according to a palette of colors that blend together harmoniously. This game is ideal for anyone looking for a puzzle game that’s easy on the eyes, music to the ears, and challenging to the brain.

Harmony 3 is a masterful extension of the original puzzle games by BorderLeap. It comes as close to puzzling perfection as you can get. The object of the game is to swap out blocks with a tap in order to get them to match the color palette. Blocks can only be swapped in vertical or horizontal rows. The number of moves each block can make is indicated by the black dots on top of them. You absolutely must use up all of the moves for each block to complete the puzzles. Matching only the colors isn’t good enough. Harmony 3 includes hundreds of challenging levels and some new holiday themes ones.

har•mo•ny 3 is available for free today only (12/05). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 96 ratings.

HBO NOW ($14.99 → Free, 17.6 MB): Watch all of what HBO has to offer anytime, anywhere with HBO NOW. New U.S. customers will receive a 30-day free trial after signing up today. After that, you can continue the service for $14.99 per month. It’s for cable cutters who need more content in their lives.

HBO has gone mobile. All you need is an internet connection to get instant access to all of HBO’s fantastic content. You can watch every single episode of your favorite HBO shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, Veep, and Girls. It even includes classics like The Sopranos and The Wire. Of course, it isn’t just about series. Hit movies, documentaries, and weekly shows like Last Week Tonight and Real Time are also available. HBO NOW includes more than 2,000 titles in all, so download the app, create a profile, and get streaming.

HBO NOW is available for free today only (12/05). It has a 2.5-star rating with a total of 4046 ratings.

My Folder 2 – File manager ($0.99 → Free, 3.8 MB): Manage all of your local files with ease with My Folder. It’s great for students and business professionals.

My Folder helps you get organized. It’s able to grab and read any file that’s stored in iCloud. You’re also able to create your own basic text files and access files on your computer via Wi-Fi. Anything that you bring into the app can be managed within folders. The app also includes the ability to create shortcuts from your home screen, sort files by name or date, and search for files by name.

My Folder 2 – File manager is available for free for a limited time. It has a 5-star rating with a total of 8 ratings.

Top Tank ($0.99 → Free, 22.9 MB): Lob projectiles at your enemies and navigate the terrain in Top Tank. It’s for fans of retro arcade games.

Hop into a heavily armored tank and take on foes both on the ground and in the air. Your tank will travel ahead on its own, rolling over whatever is in its way. When it’s time to lob a projectile, simply hold your finger on the fire button to adjust the angle of your shot and release to fire. The tank will stop momentarily while you take aim. Try to deal as much damage as possible to your enemies before they do the same to you to climb the leaderboards. The game includes six unlockable tanks with special perks, power-ups, and seven locations.

Top Tank is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 41 ratings.


Spell ’til You Drop from Reading Laboratory 2.0 ($0.99 → Free, 66.1 MB): Spell the words you hear in this educational game. It’s for children in grades one through eight.

An intrepid explorer needs your child’s help crossing vast bridges. Your child must listen to the word being pronounced, and then correctly spell it as quickly as possible. Each correct word moves the explorer one step closer to the other side of the bridge. However, if too many incorrect words are submitted, the explorer will drop from the bridge. Power-ups can be earned along the way to help move across the bridge even faster. The game includes more than 600 words, three levels to conquer, and multiple difficulty settings.

Spell ’til You Drop from Reading Laboratory 2.0 is available for free for a limited time. It has a 3-star rating with a total of 8 ratings.

That concludes today’s issue of Apps Gone Free. If you like staying on top of these daily deals, don’t forget to check out our free AppsGoneFree app. It provides all the deals each day, and even an archive of past deals that are still active.


If you are a developer who would like to get your app included in our “Apps Gone Free” daily lists, here’s our basic set of rules:

  • It must have at least a three-star average rating at the time it goes free.
  • The app must not have been free numerous times (3+) over the last six months.
  • The free version of your app must not include ads.

To submit an app, simply send a request to with the subject “Apps Gone Free.” Please include the name of the app, a link to it in the App Store, when and for how long you intend to offer the app for free, and anything else you would like to share. We will take it from there.

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My Folder 2 - File manager
Wesley Caldas
Spell 'til You Drop from Reading Laboratory 2.0
Spell 'til You Drop from Reading Laboratory 2.0
McGraw-Hill School Education Group

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