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Top Camera 2 gets iPad Pro and Apple Watch support

Top Camera 2 gets iPad Pro and Apple Watch support

December 29, 2015

If you have been an avid user of the Top Camera 2 app for capturing and editing your awesome photos, then an update yesterday, Dec. 28, will make it all even easier. The app has a few new features allowing you to remotely snap photos, use the newest iPad, and save your settings.

What’s new in Top Camera 2

The app now offers Apple Watch support so that you can take, save, and even set a timer for your shots. The remote shutter button on your wrist gives you more flexibility for taking that perfect photo. You can also immediately see your picture on your Watch. You can even set the self-timer on your wearable with a tap for three or 10 seconds.

Top Camera 2For those who purchased the iPad Pro, you will be happy to know that the app is now supported on your new device as well. In addition, an option to save your camera mode was added. This option is disabled by default, but is easily enabled in your device’s settings. Just select Settings, pick Top Camera 2, and then switch on Save Camera Mode.

Top Camera 2Full-featured capturing and editing tool

Top Camera 2 has five photo modes, three video modes, visual leveling, a stabilizer, and a self-timer. For editing your pictures, there are nine adjustments for exposure, contrast, and highlights. Color correcting filters are also plentiful with 64 to choose from like antique, monotone, and vintage. The app is easy to use with an intuitive interface and these new features make it even better.

Top Camera 2 is designed for iPhone and iPad with Apple Watch support and available for $4.99 on the App Store. For additional stories, check out The ‘iPhone 7′ and refreshed MacBook Pro should highlight Apple’s 2016 or 7 apps to help you start off the new year right.

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