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Tough breakup? Say Hello Next! and forget your ex

Tough breakup? Say Hello Next! and forget your ex

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December 28, 2015

The end of a relationship can be a very difficult part of life for most people. Picking up the pieces, moving on, and regaining your self-esteem can all be quite challenging. A new app called Hello Next! Forget your ex seeks to help young women during this time by providing a game-style diary, virtual life coach, and daily quests that inspire.

Hello Next!How does Hello Next! work?

You will be given a task to complete that will help you through the emotions you are feeling so that you can move forward and forget your ex. Each day for three weeks, you will read about your mission and complete it as best you can to earn rewards and prizes, just like in a game.

Hello Next!

The diary allows you to jot down your feelings and you can include emojis and use action buttons to add to your entry. And, you will select a personal life coach to help you through this tough time. Your virtual coach provides inspirational, uplifting, and enriching words of encouragement.

Take a look at a preview of the app and just click here if you cannot see the video:

A new way to cope

Hello Next! Forget your ex might be just what the doctor ordered if you are struggling emotionally during or after your breakup. With tons of inspirational quotes and support from your virtual coach, daily tasks to keep you enthusiastic and motivated, and a handy diary to express your feelings and track your progress, the app can assist you get through this difficult period.

Hello Next! Forget your ex is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available on the App Store for $4.99. In other news, check out AppAdvice’s top 10 free iPad apps of 2015 or Fitbit’s iOS app topped Apple’s charts over Christmas.

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Hello Next! Forget your ex.
Hello Next! Forget your ex.
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