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Try your hand at the directional block puzzle Quadrantic

Try your hand at the directional block puzzle Quadrantic

Pocket Gaming
December 10, 2015

Quadrantic is a new puzzle game that has you flicking, stacking, and matching blocks in different directions. Your goal is to match either size or color in all four quadrants on the sides of the game board before the blocks stack too high and hit the center. With two game modes, you can move fast against the clock or relax and stack to score.

QuadranticQuadrantic gameplay

The center of the game board holds the block you must place. Flick it to one of the four quadrants to match another block at the top of the stack. There are solid colored blocks and those with a stripe in the middle, which are considered two different colors. For example, placing a red solid block on top of a red striped block will not make a match, unless it is the same size. You will need to match three blocks in order to remove them from the stack and score.

QuadranticModes and goals

In Classic game mode you have a limited amount of time per move. If you do not place a block before time runs out, the block will be randomly placed in a quadrant for you. So, not only must you keep your stacks from reaching the center of the board, but place your blocks quickly and still try for a high score.

In Relax game mode you do not have any time limits. This means you can sit back and place your blocks with more thought. You still cannot let them reach the center of the board and you should try to score as high as you can by making matches. But, this mode provides a more casual experience.

Take a look at this preview of Quadrantic and just click here if you cannot see the video:

Interesting puzzle concept

Quadrantic brings a unique concept to puzzle games. I really enjoy both game modes and the bubbly background music does change slightly in tempo for each mode, making the fast-moving Classic mode feel more energetic. Matching the colors is obviously the easier road to take, but sometimes you do have to switch quickly to size instead. This is a little more challenging because the dimensions are very close. But, what’s a puzzle game without a challenge, right?

Quadrantic is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available for just $0.99 on the App Store with no in-app purchases. For more game news, check out Lifeline series of interactive sci-fi adventure games continues with Silent Night or Defend your precious land against evil minions in Battle Bros.

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