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Use 3D Touch and Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts in Chrome for iOS

Use 3D Touch and Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts in Chrome for iOS

December 1, 2015

Google has recently updated Chrome for iOS, its Web browser for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A new feature has been added, providing 3D Touch shortcuts on the Home screen for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Google has also expanded support for shortcuts when the app is being used with a Bluetooth keyboard. The 3D Touch support was available in the Chrome beta in November, which Google sent out via TestFlight to a number of users.

3D Touch support

If you press firmly on Chrome’s icon on the Home Screen, you’ll get a 3D Touch Quick Action menu with Voice Search, New Incognito Tab, and New Tab options. Safari, by way of comparison, gives you four options in the 3D Touch Quick Action menu: Show Reading List, Show Bookmarks, New Private Tab, and New Tab. Chrome’s Incognito mode, like Safari’s Private Tab, allows you to surf the Web without leaving behind traces of your activity in your browsing history.


Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts

With the latest release, you can now “do more with your Bluetooth keyboard like opening, closing and changing tabs or conduct a voice search.” Here are some of the shortcuts I’ve found to work within Chrome for iOS. What new ones can you find?

  • ⌘ T and ⌘ N — New Tab
  • ⌘ shift N — New Incognito Tab
  • ⌘ shift T — Reopened Closed Tab
  • ⌘ L — Open Location…
  • ⌘ W — Close Tab
  • ⌘ D — Bookmark This Page…
  • ⌘ F — Find in Page…
  • ⌘ R — Reload
  • ⌘ left arrow — Back
  • ⌘ right arrow — Forward
  • ⌘ Y — History
  • ⌘ shift . — Voice Search

Getting Chrome

Google’s Chrome for iOS is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 7 or later. It’s available as a free download on the App Store, without any in-app ads or purchases.

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