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You don’t have to remember what was said with Call Recorder

You don’t have to remember what was said with Call Recorder

Digital Communicator
December 21, 2015

If you have a lot of business calls while traveling, whether incoming or outgoing, you know how hard it can be to remember every single word that was spoken. You may have tried call recording apps, but some have you fumbling to record the call. A new app from Yallo, Call Recorder, records your calls automatically and the recordings are accessible immediately.

Phone calls

Making calls with the app is as easy as selecting your contact or dialing the number. It works just like your phone’s dialer. As soon as you place the call, the app begins recording the conversation. Incoming calls are also recorded automatically, so you don’t have to worry about merging calls or pressing buttons before or during your call.

Call RecorderApp features

You can access your recording quickly after the call has ended and replay it, mark it as a favorite, label it, send it to your email address, or even delete it. There is no limit to the number of recordings you can save or the amount of time for the call, plus the recordings are saved in the cloud rather than on your device to alleviate storage concerns.

Call RecorderPricing and rates

Call Recorder is available at no charge and all incoming calls are free, which is terrific. There are some limitations, however, with incoming call availability for several countries and you can view that list on the App Store. Outgoing calls require credits and new users receive a free one-time credit. After that, you can purchase more via in-app purchase, by watching a video, or by sharing the app with friends. And, rates vary depending on the country you are calling.

Call RecorderMany uses

Obviously Call Recorder is a handy app for business people and frequent travelers, but there are other reasons for recording your calls too. Wouldn’t it be nice to replay the conversation you had with your grandkids? Or, wouldn’t you like to listen to your significant other’s voice again when you are many miles apart? If so, Call Recorder may be just what you need.

Call Recorder is designed for both iPhone and iPad and available for free on the App Store. In-app purchases for calling credits start at $0.99.

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Call Recorder - Free incoming and outgoing call recorder
Call Recorder - Free incoming and outgoing call recorder
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