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Apple might be developing a 'Move to Android' app

Apple might be developing a 'Move to Android' app

January 11, 2016

The iPhone dominates many markets, including the European telecommunications audience. According to a recent investigation by The Telegraph, part of that dominance is “because of the technical hassle of transferring data” when customers switch from the iPhone to an Android device. Under pressure from mobile operators, Apple may be developing a tool to assist with that migration.

The tool would enable smartphone users to more easily switch between the iPhone and devices using the Android operating system. Users could move data such as contacts, music, and photos over to Android. If that tool is made available, The Telegraph points out that it would “represent a significant shift for the American giant.” Apple’s late founder, Steve Jobs, once wrote that the company should attempt to “further lock customers into our ecosystem,” so making it easier to migrate to Android would definitely go against the philosophy.

It’s definitely an unusual move, if the rumors are correct. Apple has for some time pointed out that more users convert from Android to iOS than vice versa. Apple even released a Move to iOS app on the Google Play Store, helping make the process even more seamless. That tool can transfer contacts, message history, photos and video, Web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, DRM-free media, as well as wallpapers from an Android device to a new iPhone or iPad.

Strange move or not, I do hope that Apple is developing the migration tool. If consumers truly want to migrate from iOS to Android, it would be a token of good will for the Cupertino-based tech giant to make that move as easy as possible.

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