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Is there a problem with Apple Music?

Is there a problem with Apple Music?

January 14, 2016

Something is amiss with Apple Music this morning, Jan. 14, and it’s a worldwide issue according to reports from 9to5Mac. The iOS app is asking subscribers to sign up and join Apple Music when they attempt to play music or playlists from the service.



Similarly, attempting to play music on a Mac yields an error message about the iTunes Store being temporarily unavailable.


Strangely enough, waiting a few seconds after the error message in iTunes could reward you with your selected song. When I tapped “Not now” in the Apple Music signup page on my iOS device, the song or playlist began playback. In my case, the signup page didn’t return until I force quit the app.

The problem doesn’t seem to be the same for everyone, though. Zac Hall at 9to5Mac reported that a force quit fixed the problem for him. In my case, force quitting the Apple Music app doesn’t fix the problem, it causes the signup page to return.

Apple’s system status page doesn’t show any current outages, but that’s often the case until the problem is officially recognized.


We’ll keep monitoring the situation and update you as news surfaces. Just rest assured, if you’re an Apple Music subscriber being asked to join again, you’re not alone. The problem may have already been resolved, as it seems to have gone away for me while writing this article.

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