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Be more productive with Citrus – Motivational Task Manager

Be more productive with Citrus Motivational Task Manager

Getting Stuff Done
January 6, 2016

You may use a task management app such as Wunderlist, Todoist, or another popular tool. But, do these actually motivate you to complete your tasks? An app called Citrus – Motivational Task Manager does. You earn points for finishing your items, can see your streaks of completions, and even check your productivity over time.

CitrusCitrus interface

One of the nicest parts of Citrus is the design. Your categories and tasks are easily viewable with a pie chart as well as a list. You can tap on either that section of the chart or the specific item for more detail or to make edits. And, marking tasks complete or deleting them can be done simply by swiping. There is also a calendar view that shows you how well you are doing with completing your items and how many points you have received.

CitrusAdding categories and tasks

By pulling down and releasing in the list section of Citrus, you can easily add a new category such as Chores and then within that category use the same action to add a task like Laundry. For each task you can set the duration on the slider, add a handy reminder, reschedule it, or have it repeat by the day of the week.

CitrusHow many will you earn this week?

The point system in Citrus is an interesting concept and might be just the motivation you need to get those tasks done. If you are moving towards being more productive in this new year, then seeing how well you do over time might also be a push to continue towards your goals. Citrus has an attractive and useful interface that is simple to use and makes viewing lists and tasks as easy as pie, well, a pie chart.

Citrus – Motivational Task Manager is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The App Store description says that the app is “free for the holidays,” however, it still displays a price of $0.99. In other news, Twitter seems intent on increasing the character limit for tweets or Misfit branches out with the new fashionable Ray fitness tracker.

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