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Catch a wave or even a snowy hill in Surfingers

Catch a wave or even a snowy hill in Surfingers

Pocket Gaming
January 7, 2016

For an upbeat game where you control the environment instead of the character, get ready to catch a wave in Surfingers. This fun, new adventure will have you surfing in a rocky ocean, through a creepy cave, and on snowy hills.

SurfingersSurfingers overview

Your surfer dude will continue on his way as long as you swipe correctly. Move the waves up and down to keep him on his path. Avoid obstacles and other dangers, collect stars along the way, and groove to the surfing tunes while you see how far you can travel and how high you can score. Check out this video of Surfingers and just click here if you cannot view it:

More game details

There are over 20 different characters to unlock like Morgan the pirate, Zombix the zombie, and Robomix the robot. You can unlock these characters by achieving a certain score or using the stars you have collected. Surfingers also offers iCloud support, global leaderboards, and has a split-screen, multiplayer mode for Apple TV.

SurfingersAn entertaining challenge

Surfingers may sound simple, but is challenging in a fun way. You have to swipe quickly to keep your character surfing and away from dangers. The funky graphics and beachy tunes make it an enjoyable experience. The game is perfect on your mobile device for when you have a few minutes to spare or for some lively competition with a friend if you own an Apple TV.

Surfingers is universal and available for free on the App Store. There is an in-app purchase to remove the ads for just $0.99. In other news, take a look at Move fast, beat the music and score in Square Rave Sampler or Create your own animated drawings with Animatic by Inkboard.

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