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Chelsea Handler’s Gotta Go! app removes annoying people in your life

Chelsea Handler’s Gotta Go! app removes annoying people in your life

January 27, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres found a lot of success with Heads Up!, a fun matching game for family and friends. Chelsea Handler’s new app takes a different approach. Instead of bringing people together, Gotta Go! offers a humorous way to get us out of awkward situations.

Created by San Francisco, California-based, the clever app lets you generate excuses and set alarms for text messages and calls. Having a bad date? Tired of listening to your boss rambling on at a meeting? Gotta Go! is for you.


Gotta Go! allows you to use canned messages to send to yourself. For example, a friend’s car has been towed, or they have lost their keys, and they need your assistance. You can also create your own situations. When activated, the excuses come in as real phone calls or texts. In some cases, Handler herself narrates the calls, suggesting what excuses you should say to your associate.

Gotta Go! doesn’t try to be more than it is, a fun app from a famous comedian. Could it be used in ways to tick someone off? Of course, but you don’t have to dig too far on the App Store to find other apps that could make someone uncomfortable.

It's a fake!

It’s a fake!

When launching Gotta Go! for the first time, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number. I didn’t have a problem performing this step, although others at AppAdvice did. Keep this in mind before downloading the app.

Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go! is available for free on the App Store.

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