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Create bizarre beauty with Hyperspektiv for photos and videos

Create bizarre beauty with Hyperspektiv for photos and videos

January 19, 2016

A new app released by Phantom Force today, Jan. 19, will definitely bring out your creativity. Hyperspektiv lets you distort, twist, and warp your photos and videos in real-time. Experimenting with a variety of cool filters, your pictures and clips will never be dull and boring.

Hyperspektiv Hyperspektiv features

Browse through the neat filters to get just the right look for your photo or video. With kaleidoscope, ghost, dimension, spiral, and many more effects, you will be surprised at what you can create. Once you choose a filter, you can also adjust it by swiping across the screen and even do so while you are recording video.

Other app details

When you are finished, you can easily share your photo or video from within the app or just save it to your device. The app works in portrait and landscape views, captures HD 720p video, and can be used with both your front and rear facing cameras.

Hyperspektiv Let your imagination run wild

Hyperspektiv is an easy-to-use, great-to-have app if you love creating different and unusual photos and videos. The filters bring such unique perspectives to any shot that you will enjoy checking out all of the options. So, try something new, be creative, and find some rare beauty.

Hyperspektiv requires iOS 9.1 or later and is on sale for $1.99 on the App Store, but only for a limited time. In other news, take a look at Could the ‘iPhone 7′ feature a new type of light-based wireless technology? or The AppAdvice tech week in review: Apple unveils big software updates.

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