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Create your own animated drawings with Animatic by Inkboard

Create your own animated drawings with Animatic by Inkboard

January 7, 2016

Remember making animated flip books on the pages of your notebooks back in elementary and middle school? Maybe you created them even later, just because of how much fun it was. You can create your own digital versions of these using animated GIFs and video, but sometimes that can be a tedious process and require expensive software. Animatic by Inkboard provides you with a free, fun way to create flip book-like animations on your iOS device.


Examples for inspiration

Animatic doesn’t have a tutorial, per se, but it does include a number of example animations to help you understand how the app works and possibly give you inspiration. These examples are ready for you to edit and make your own, so you can get started quickly. Alternatively, you can just use the samples to show you how the frame-by-frame design works, so you can move on to creating your own.

animatic 3

Making your own animations

When the time does come for you to create your own flip book-style animations, the process is quick and easy. Animatic provides you with an impressive range of drawing utensils, including pencils of various weights, crayons, highlighters, markers, and more. There are also two different styles of erasers for you to use. Draw your animation one frame at a time, using the tools at your disposal to make something truly remarkable or just plain cute.

animatic 6

Sharing your creations

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you’ll want to share it. Animatic integrates with the iOS Share Sheet, so you can send your animated GIF or video using the Messages app, Mail, Notes, Twitter, Facebook, or any other app that enables the Sharing extension. If you want, you can just save it to your Camera Roll.

animatic 7

Getting started

Animatic by Inkboard is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s available for free on the App Store, without any advertisements or in-app purchases. Check out what you can do with the video below, or click here if won’t load.

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