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Create your own mashup videos with ease, just use KnowMe

Create your own mashup videos with ease, just use KnowMe

January 21, 2016

Creating mashups from your photos and videos is plenty of fun, but some of the options out there are complicated and difficult to use. Unless you’re a professional videographer, you want something that you just tap, drag, and tap some more to make it work. That’s the goal of KnowMe, which has recently launched on the App Store.

Selfies, photos, and videos combined

With KnowMe, you can start off with an introduction by tapping the middle of the viewfinder and speaking. The app will record your video and audio, so you can start things off right. When you’re ready, you can tap and hold on other photos and videos, adding your audio commentary over the top of them.

KnowMe 1

Editing your video

Want to move things around in your video? KnowMe makes that easy to do, just by tapping and holding one of your clips until they all start to jiggle. Then rearrange to your heart’s content, until you get your video mashup just the way you want it.

KnowMe 6

Easy sharing, with hidden opportunity

Once you’ve finalized your masterpiece, you can share it. You’re able to share to KnowMe’s servers and to Facebook, but it’s not immediately obvious how to share in other ways. I did discover that even though the app doesn’t tell you about it, your video gets saved to your photo library. I also discovered that if you shared via email to yourself, you could right-click the video to download it. That’s how I was able to get the video below on YouTube. Just click here if it fails to load.

Finding other KnowMe videos

KnowMe is a growing community, and the app encourages you to explore what others have posted. You can browse videos, like them, comment on them, and share things to Facebook.

KnowMe 5

Getting to KnowMe

KnowMe requires iOS 8 or later, and is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s a free download on the App Store, without any ads or in-app purchases.

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