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Don’t get distracted, time your tasks with Sloth

Don’t get distracted, time your tasks with Sloth

Getting Stuff Done
January 29, 2016

Getting your work done, whether it’s tasks for the office, assignments for school, or chores around the house, can sometimes be difficult when you get distracted. At the same time, there may be tasks that you only want to allow a certain time for and this is all where Sloth comes in.

SlothTask4_Sloth overview

Sloth is a new task manager that bases your work on how long it takes you. So, you set up a task, add how long it will take, press play, and get to work. You can set up multiple tasks and have Sloth move through them automatically or choose to mark them completed manually when time is up.

SlothApp options

Sloth will notify you when time is up for your task and you can see the alert in your Notification Center as well. Additionally, you can have those notifications pop up on your Apple Watch which is even more convenient if your task has your hands full. Other handy settings include using the slider to set the time, showing progress for all tasks in a circle, and stopping the screen from turning off.

SlothFor the time-conscious

Sloth is great for keeping you on track instead of letting you get distracted. It is also a good tool for tasks if you charge clients or customers based on the time a job takes. Another good use is if you can only dedicate a specific amount of time to a task like research or social media.

You can grab Sloth on the App Store for free for your iPhone and Apple Watch without ads or in-app purchases. In other news, check out Maybe $100 was too much to pay for an Apple Pencil or Apple may be working with Hollywood on its own TV shows.

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