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Elephants Can’t Jump, or can they?

Elephants Can’t Jump, or can they?

Pocket Gaming
January 29, 2016

Mean, little monkeys are stealing Olly the elephant’s peanuts. This makes Olly so upset that it forces him to jump and tackle those annoying monkeys. In Elephant’s Can’t Jump, you will help Olly gather peanuts and squash the monkeys while hopping, swimming, and even flying through the jungle.

Elephants Can’t Jump Elephants really can jump

By jumping your way across the island platforms, you will earn bananas and complete missions like gathering a certain amount of peanuts and picking up life savers. Getting a lot of peanuts will get you some handy power-ups like upgrading your peanut magnet or the Ollyvator which helps you fly. You can also unlock nifty outfits to give Olly a cool new look. Check out this video of Elephants Can’t Jump and just click here if you cannot view it:

Other game details

Elephants Can’t Jump has over 90 missions and a leaderboard to hop your way towards. You can also play with your pals by connecting to Facebook. If you fall when jumping, you can use bananas to continue on or watch a short video ad if you do not want to start over.

Elephants Can’t Jump A fun adventure

Elephants Can’t Jump is a lively, cute, and also challenging game. The graphics are bright and colorful through the various environments and the small grunts you hear from Olly as he jumps are amusing. So, if you are looking for a fun, new adventure with an entertaining theme, check out Elephants Can’t Jump and see if you can help Olly stick those landings.

Elephants Can’t Jump is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is available on the App Store for free with in-app purchase options for additional peanuts, bananas, and outfits. For more new games, take a look at these recent reviews: Quench your thirst of puzzle games with Open Bar and Unravel tiles to create paths in Twofold Inc., a charming puzzler.

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