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Embark on a trivia Scholar Quest with the help of Da Vinci

Embark on a trivia Scholar Quest with the help of Da Vinci

Pocket Gaming
January 12, 2016

If you enjoy trivia games that challenge your brain power rather than your competitive desire, then Scholar Quest might the perfect adventure for you. This new game for iPad tests your trivia knowledge with every step you take on the game board and even lets you get a little help from Leonardo Da Vinci.

Scholar Quest Scholar Quest gameplay

As Da Vinci stands over you watching, step to each tile on the game board and get ready to answer a trivia question. There are four possible answers for each question and you will keep trying until you get it right. You will get three points for answering correctly and lose one point for answering incorrectly. You also get time bonuses for quick, correct answers.

Scholar Quest More to the game than trivia

Scholar Quest brings uniqueness to trivia with the characters, power-ups, and methods of moving forward. First, as you move around the game board you will see items like crates and barrels. Move to those tiles to see what rewards are held inside. You will find coins that can be used for skipping questions and getting help from Da Vinci. You will also uncover potions that can refill your lives. But, most importantly you must locate the hidden key to advance to the next level.

ScholarQuest3Interesting trivia challenge

Scholar Quest does bring something out-of-the-box to your ordinary trivia challenges. Aside from the coins, potions, and other hidden treasure you will come across, at the end of each level you can view your stats with your answer correctness and game IQ. The questions range widely from books to music to history to sports, and many are quite difficult. But, overall it is a fun way to train your brain and hone your trivia knowledge.

Scholar Quest is compatible with iPad only, is ad-supported, and is available for free on the App Store. In other game news, check out Parallels, a new platformer, is not as relaxing as it looks or Electronic Arts updates Need for Speed: No Limits and Real Racing 3.

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