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Fossil Q54 Pilot and Fitbit Blaze offer new smartwatch options

Fossil Q54 Pilot and Fitbit Blaze offer new smartwatch options

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January 5, 2016

Wearable technology is becoming more popular, and an increasing number of options are being unveiled. Fossil and Fitbit have recently announced new models of their own smartwatches, each offering different takes on what the smartwatch should be and do.


Fossil’s Q54 Pilot, a traditional watch with smart underpinnings

Fossil only recently launched its Q-line of smart wearables, and the company has added the Q54 Pilot to the range of products. The Fossil Q54 Pilot has Intel-based technology for basic smartphone notifications and activity tracking, but it has a traditional watch face without a way to read messages or view information other than the time. Instead, the Q54 Pilot logs information and transfers it to your smartphone. The Fossil Q54 Pilot will be available in spring 2016, and will retail for $175 to $215, depending on which strap you choose.


The Fitbit Blaze, the company’s first watch with a color screen

Fitbit has been in the wearable technology business for quite some time, and is taking on Apple with its latest offering, the Blaze. The Fitbit Blaze is the first watch the company has offered with a color screen, and the device also has the ability to use custom clock faces. You’ll be able to take calls and receive notifications on the Blaze, too. The watch face itself is an octagon-shaped block that snaps into a frame, which then connects to a variety of bands. Swapping bands on the Fitbit Blaze should be easy. Like Fitbit’s other products, the Blaze focuses on fitness, offering the same health tracking options as its other devices and including a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and connected GPS. The Fitbit Blaze will hit store shelves in March, with a base price of $200.

More choices are better

Let’s face it, as beautiful and functional as the Apple Watch may be, it’s not for everyone. I appreciate seeing other offerings appear, and think the variety of choices is good, healthy competition to spur Apple on to bigger and better things.

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