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Keep private photos safe in the vault with Reporter Camera

Keep private photos safe in the vault with Reporter Camera

January 27, 2016

There are some photos that are meant to be kept private. Reporter Camera is an app that encrypts those you want to keep from curious eyes and puts them in a passcode-protected vault for you. Along with taking and storing your photos safely, the app comes with plenty of photo editing tools and lets you set up a signature to customize your shots.

Reporter CameraReporter Camera vault

When you set up the app you will be asked to create a passcode for your vault. Be aware that this code cannot be changed or retrieved. Then you can easily encrypt existing photos from your Camera Roll or take new ones and add them to the vault. Better yet, click the lock icon before taking any photos and they will be automatically placed into your vault.

Reporter CameraPhoto editing features

Reporter Camera does come with nice photo editing options too. Before taking your shot, you can scroll through the various filter effects to see which one will give you the look you want. After taking a photo, you can apply enhancements and filter effects, crop, draw, blur, and include text, and add stickers, color splash, and overlays. And, you can set up a custom signature to add to your pictures and choose its placement.

Reporter CameraNotes about photo storage

The best way to keep your photos safe and sound is to click that lock icon right off the bat because this will place your photos only into the vault and nowhere else. If you do not do that, the pictures you take and move to the vault will still be accessible in the Reporter Camera gallery, Camera Roll, and Photo Stream. You can delete them from other areas and they will remain in the vault. But, for the most efficient way to use the app, you will likely want to lock it up front.

Reporter Camera is available for $1.99 on the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In related news, AOL’s Vivv now lets you edit your existing photos with vivid splashes of color or Check out iCloud Photo Library support in the Apple TV beta.

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