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Prepare to move walls quickly in the challenging, new Wallr

Prepare to move walls quickly in the challenging, new Wallr

Pocket Gaming
January 19, 2016

Maybe you cannot literally move mountains, but you can certainly move walls. In the new arcade style game Wallr, you will do exactly that. Move the walls inward and outward to save them from harm.

WallrWallr gameplay

You begin by seeing an orange ball inside your walls on the screen. As the ball grows in size, you will need to move your walls outward. But, be very careful because on the outside of the walls are falling spikes. If the spikes get too close you will need to move your walls inward. You move your walls with simple swipes; up to move them out and down to move them in. If either the ball or the spikes touch your walls, your game is sadly over.

Here is a preview of Wallr and just click here if you cannot see the video:

Challenging game

Often we see a game that is challenging to the point where you are determined to keep playing it and Wallr is one of those games. The concept and controls are simple, but the game certainly brings its difficulty. You need to watch carefully and be prepared to move your walls quickly. How high can you score?

Wallr is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free without in-app purchases. For more new games, look at Swapperoo is a sentient match-three unlike anything you’ve played before or Hippity hop through the seasons as a Doodle Rabbit.

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wallr - An Addictive Arcade Game
wallr - An Addictive Arcade Game
Ethan Shallcross

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